About us

“We could write pages and pages about why travelling is so good for us.”

As the Poet Fernando Pessoa says, “To travel it is enough to exist”, we travel in dreams, we travel when watching a movie and we see that scene of the place we always wanted to go, we travel between the pages of a book and we travel even before boarding, when we are planning.

And this is where we step in…we’ve been doing everything since 2015 to make your trip “THE TRIP”…Our Trip!

Over 6 years of existence, we’ve done thousands of trips and hundreds of thousands of kms to make your next trip perfect! No big deal… the most important thing is that we made new friends from the four corners of the World!

We are ready to the minute and prepared down to the smallest detail to continue our journey.
They say that travelling enriches the soul, opens the mind and does good to the heart. Let’s go!

Reg n.º 440/2016 (RNAAT)